Dazed and confused…


OK…so here we are, Day 2 of our brand new blog…and I am already rather confused. To begin with, thank you to those of you who have already reached out to welcome me to the blogosphere.  This is an exciting and intimidating frontier for me, and I am looking forward to learning and growing in this space.  In my business life…I tend to be a perfectionist, however I am wondering whether that will be achievable in my blogging life….?

Having been a consumer of many varied blogs for several years now…I have come to appreciate a number of different styles and subjects.  For me, a friendly narrative voice is most appealing, as opposed to authoritarians’ or blogo-dictatorships’….  I will strive to maintain that friendly narrative voice as well, and definitely welcome your constructive criticisms if and when I swerve from that path.  I will also try to include an interesting picture or two where possible, ideally with some relevance to the subject at hand.  Mind you, I am not too sure what that image will be for this post though…guess we will have to wait and see what I find…..

Now, why the “dazed and confused” title today?  In addition to all of my regular daily activities, I now find myself trying to learn and understand the logic and processes behind WordPress in all of its glory.  Other than actually having been able to successfully post a blog entry…I am not doing too well in the process learning department!  I have found myself becoming frustrated with seemingly odd (to me, at least) steps and processes required to allow me to change things, add things, delete things, etc (such as widgets, formatting, text wrapping around photos….)

To compound that, when I try to comment on other blogger’s blogs I am now asked for login credentials, which I happily enter, only to receive a bouncing dialogue box and an error message.  Thinking that I had misunderstood or mistyped, I tried this again…and again…  Well, perhaps I need to use the email address and not my user name…nope.  What about my blog name, maybe that will work?  No, foiled again.  After 20 minutes of this, including logging-out of all the WordPress windows currently open…I still could not log into anothers’ blog to post a comment.  Logging back into WordPress, however, was a breeze with no issues.  So…what am I missing?  It is asking me for my WordPress login…but won’t accept my WordPress login…..   Definitely open to suggestions here!

Also..what is with all of the rules around advertising, affiliates, link sharing, etc….  Is this only WordPress who has these rules or is it all blogging platforms?  I have seen many blogs over the years with affiliate links, Amazon-recommendations, banner advertisements, etc.  Granted, today my blog is nowhere near the stage where advertising or sponsorships are viable, but one day however it would be nice to have grown this into a thriving community and perhaps then those sorts of things might be of use.  My concern is that if I start with WordPress and build on WordPress…what happens down the road when is time to explore those options?  I really only want to have to learn this system once…and then have it grow with me as I grow with it….  Once again, I am open to your suggestions here as well….

Another question I have is the subject of domain names.  Thanks to GoDaddy, we own .  Currently though, that is the extent of it…simply a piece of undeveloped web real estate waiting for content.  When is the right time to switch to ?  Now, before too many people have found it at the current address?  Or do I wait until we have built up a number of followers and then risk losing some of them?  Also, once we decide to take the leap, who is best to host that domain?  I have heard good things about both FatCow and HostGator.  GoDaddy also offers to host, and so does WordPress….  Once again…I am definitely open to any suggestions or advice that your combined voices of experience may be able to lend….

Finally…how do you suggest I grow my readership?  Are there any great tips that you might share, or directories that I should list my blog in?  Thanks again!

Till next time – happy surfing!


From the desk of a brand new blogger….

Well…one of my 2012 New Years resolutions was to finally start a blog….  So here we are, a brand new blog entry from  brand new blogger.

To be honest, I do not really know where to start, so perhaps I will start at the beginning of our journey into self-sufficiency….  Make no mistake, we certainly have not yet “arrived”, but we are definitely closer than where we were 5 years ago.

We own a home that is Southeast of Edmonton, Alberta, Canada; and we are situated on a 16 acre piece of land at the end of dead-end road.  We have only a handful of neighbors…and plenty of moose and deer who like to visit. We have  two dogs, and many cats.  I am a husband and father of three, and most recently became a grandfather as well.  Our 3 daughters, son-in-law, and granddaughter are all integral parts of this family team, and we are working together to create a better lifestyle for today and for the future.

Back in  2006, we first began to understand the impact of the food that we eat upon our overall heath and well-being.  More accurately…we began to understand the negative impact that the antibiotics, growth hormones, and factory-farming-conditions that our food lived in and with had already had and were continuing to create.  We decided that it had to stop, and began taking steps towards becoming a more organic home.

Wow…talk about a long walk down the road of expensive groceries and supplements!  Thankfully, we have been blessed with a successful business and (mostly) understanding children, and as a result we were able to very quickly move our home from a completely-non-organic home to an almost-all-organic home.   During this time we have learned an awful lot of things, and this blog will help to chronicle some of that.  We have also learned that buying organic is only one way to protect ourselves from what might be in our food….  We have since realized that by growing our own…we can keep a much better eye on our food supply and how it is raised and treated.

What started out as a discussion one cold spring day around whether to try a greenhouse or square foot gardening, and how to go about clearing some of our bush to accommodate these…led to an initial group of four egg-laying hens…which led to more hens, a rooster (and of course subsequent chicks), pot-bellied pigs, and even a rabbit…..  For a family that up until recently had almost always bought their groeries at the local grocery store, and enjoyed many meals in many restaurants…things were about to change for the better.

Some of the topics that I plan to address will be livestock and small farm options, Northern climate gardening issues, preparing for the unexpected, and eventually alternative energy option and ideas.  Along the way I will review various books, DVDs, tools, and equipment that we have used or experienced.  I may also bring in other bloggers and guests, in an effort to share all that we have learned and are continuing to learn.

So, I hope that you will subscribe to this blog, and that you will enjoy what we share.  I look forward to interacting with you through comments, and to bringing you along on our homesteading adventures.

Talk soon!


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