Wordless Wednesday – Square Foot Gardens coming soon

Being brand-new gardeners and having spent the winter researching…we are doing the Square Foot Garden method. Here is what I spend Sunday doing…










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Great job! Just in time for planting…..

Comment by grammomsblog

I’ve not done the square-foot method but I’ll certainly vouch for the effectiveness of raised bed. Great soil, easier to access and weed, warms up more and is above light frosts, easy to turn into a cold frame (or even drape with sheets) to extend the growing season, and higher density planting is easy.

Comment by bobbarnetson

Thanks! We were leaning along the same lines, but this seemed to be a little easier to implement for our first go at gardening…. Stay tuned to see how it turns out, and thanks for stopping by!

Comment by northernhomesteader

Wow! When you do something you really do it. Good luck! I started my first gardens with the square foot method as well – but on a much smaller scale. It is so exciting to watch a garden grow!

Comment by biggsis

Big family…so need lots of veggie’s…. According to “the book” we should actually have more SFG beds prepared in order to provide for salads, side veggies, and produce to preserve for each person. So we will see! Thanks for stopping by!

Comment by northernhomesteader

Looks like a fun time was had by all. I envy the ambition. I would like to create something similar someday.

Comment by drjeff7

So…….whats happened??

Comment by Analog Man

Well…life became (and remains) much more busy. We are still travelling our homesteading path…but I have not done a very good job of blog-umenting it. I often think about adding more posts, however the todo list is still rather long. One of these days though…. 🙂


Comment by northernhomesteader

Ok, I understand about a long todo list, better to get things done in the real world than post in the artificial….good luck

Comment by Analog Man

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