Happy geese on the pond
May 3, 2012, 8:29 am
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Well, it looks like our local ducks and geese approve of the pond! Not only were they practicing their “touch and go” landings, but our pair of geese from last year are back and enjoy weeding our lawn. They brought some friends too. More pics to come…once we can catch then in the act!




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Nice work–have you finished construction on the pond? Or is there more to come?

Comment by bobbarnetson

Thanks! Pond construction came to a standstill due to the trackhoe’s track breaking…. But, we are somewhat operational again, so will be able to move most of the piles now.

Comment by northernhomesteader

Nice! It looks great!
We have a Mallard duck ‘couple’ who come back every year ( ).

Comment by grammomsblog

That’s great! We also have 3 pair of red-winged black birds who come each year. They do a great job of chasing the hawks away…but they don’t usually arrive here until June or so.

Comment by northernhomesteader

We have a bog on our property and have considered digging it out for a pond. Would love to attract more wildlife. Beautiful geese!

Comment by Heather

Ours used to be a pond, but thanks to beavers and a few dry years….there wasn’t much pond left. So…we fixed that this year and went much deeper.

That said, we still have lots of wetland areas all around it, and we are always amazed at how many other “wood ducks” live throughout them.

Good luck with yours!

Comment by northernhomesteader

Thanks! We just spotted some Sand Hill Cranes walking over to the bog area 🙂 Pretty neat!

Comment by Heather

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