Once there was only a choked-bog
March 13, 2012, 11:59 am
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Today…may be the last day for these boggy expanses. Soon we will transform them into deeper ponds with edge bogs, to provide more room for the ducks, geese, and other critters that frequent. At the same time, we will be creating a year-round water source for all. Stay tuned!




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How pretty! I’m jealous. I’m shopping for property right now, and living in an apartment until I find one. I have a lovely view of the south parking lot 🙂

Comment by arealfoodlover

Good luck with the land shopping! We have been here for ~5 years now. In the Spring we love to watch and listen to the ducks and geese landing in the many little ponds that dot throughout that marsh area. However a month or two later…all the ponds are gone and they leave behind stagnant puddles. So we are left with no water fowl, some frogs, lots of dragonflies…and millions of mosquitoes. So…our plan is to dig deeper ponds so that they will last all year, and will improve the overall habitat for both those (friendly) creatures and for ourselves.

Comment by northernhomesteader

Very cool! Just a thought though, you might want to check into the regulations for altering wetland habitat. I used to be up to speed on all that, but that was a long time ago. You’re probably fine, but better safe than sorry?

Comment by Daisy

Great point, thanks! That’s on the list as well!

Comment by northernhomesteader

how absolutely fantastic, i love the wild birds, to build them a habitat is angelic.. wonderful.. c

Comment by ceciliag

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