Wordless Wednesday – Hello Chicks!
March 7, 2012, 7:46 am
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Well…one of our little Silkie hens decided to be broodie over the winter…here is what she helped bring into the world (with a couple of our Isa Browns acting as caring aunts and proud Daddy Flounder looking on…):




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Thank you for all the wonderful comments on our blog! I took a stroll through your blog this am and really enjoy your posts. We have been looking to feature a small “farm” from up north on one of our weekly “tell us your story” features on our blog. Would you be interested? I couldn’t find your email address on the blog – so if you are interested – feel free to drop us a quick email at and I’ll be in touch. It’s a great way to share people and their stories about their homesteads and farms.
Thanks and have as great day!


Comment by oldworldgarden

I am still wishing to have one go broody. Of course I don’t have and bantams, but I have chosen some heritage breeds that are supposed to go broody. I actually lost my rooster about 4 months ago, so I have to figure something else out for this year’s chicks. I usually hatch a batch in the spring.

Comment by drjeff7

Our rooster’s attitude has not been very pleasant lately….so we may soon be losing him to the freezer if it doesn’t adjust! Can’t have him pecking at the wife when she’s picking eggs! Other than that, we will likely incubate some chicks as well. At least, it’s on the list!

Comment by northernhomesteader

these guys are adorable! can they go on a road trip with me?

Comment by arlynnpresser


Comment by northernhomesteader

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