Happy Groundhog Day 2012!
February 2, 2012, 2:56 pm
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From this patch of poplar, weeds, and rebar.... this (yes we marked the trees in red that we are keeping...and they still have the moving the logs into stacks...
So…the million dollar question today is…will the groundhog see his shadow and bring us 6 more weeks of winter…or are we nearly free of Jack Frost’s icy clutches?

Turns out that the answer is…both!

As per the National Post this morning at :
“The country’s first two furry forecasters have brought good news to winter-weary Canadians on Groundhog Day: Nova Scotia’s Shubenacadie Sam and Ontario’s Wiarton Willie both failed to see their shadows Thursday morning.
The news was less pleasant for our neighbours south of the border, as Punxsutawney Phil — made particularly famous by Bill Murray’s 1993 movie Groundhog Day — did see his shadow in the town of Punxsutawney, Pennsylvania.”

So, I for one am happy to be in Canada!  Even with how mild our winter has been this year, I am excited to get back out in the yard and start the garden, more fencing, rabbitry creation, possibly greenhouse building, etc.

...and now nicely in 2 large stacks...

This will be our first year putting in a garden, so it should be interesting.  During Spring this time last year…our garden was still scrub brush, rocks, poplar trees, and weeds.  Oh…and also a large and very surprising pile of rebar that the builder left behind from 5 years ago…  After many weekends of Phil and I cutting down trees, bucking up tree branches, stacking trees, and chipping branches…we finally broke down and hired the mulcher to finish the job.  He proceeded to spent a couple of hours finishing what would have taken us weeks….  Wow!  Then the fence went up for the garden, and the bigger fence went up for the chicken moat, and in came the pigs.  Their job was to turn the soil in the Fall and fertilize it all winter long…which they have definitely been doing.  Soon though…it will be time to start the real work once again….

Any tips for vegetable gardening in Northern Alberta?

...and then the mulcher came....and finished in hours what would have taken us weeks...!


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Soon Chantal (our oldest daughter) & I will be out digging and gardening!.. That means dirty hands, knees and feet!.. Lol.. Lots more much earned and needed pedicures Hun!.. Lol
It’s all worth it 🙂
Our sweet Grandaughter Charolette-Rey who is now 3 months old with be out there too as our supervisor and “big helper” ..

Comment by Tanya

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