From the desk of a brand new blogger….

Well…one of my 2012 New Years resolutions was to finally start a blog….  So here we are, a brand new blog entry from  brand new blogger.

To be honest, I do not really know where to start, so perhaps I will start at the beginning of our journey into self-sufficiency….  Make no mistake, we certainly have not yet “arrived”, but we are definitely closer than where we were 5 years ago.

We own a home that is Southeast of Edmonton, Alberta, Canada; and we are situated on a 16 acre piece of land at the end of dead-end road.  We have only a handful of neighbors…and plenty of moose and deer who like to visit. We have  two dogs, and many cats.  I am a husband and father of three, and most recently became a grandfather as well.  Our 3 daughters, son-in-law, and granddaughter are all integral parts of this family team, and we are working together to create a better lifestyle for today and for the future.

Back in  2006, we first began to understand the impact of the food that we eat upon our overall heath and well-being.  More accurately…we began to understand the negative impact that the antibiotics, growth hormones, and factory-farming-conditions that our food lived in and with had already had and were continuing to create.  We decided that it had to stop, and began taking steps towards becoming a more organic home.

Wow…talk about a long walk down the road of expensive groceries and supplements!  Thankfully, we have been blessed with a successful business and (mostly) understanding children, and as a result we were able to very quickly move our home from a completely-non-organic home to an almost-all-organic home.   During this time we have learned an awful lot of things, and this blog will help to chronicle some of that.  We have also learned that buying organic is only one way to protect ourselves from what might be in our food….  We have since realized that by growing our own…we can keep a much better eye on our food supply and how it is raised and treated.

What started out as a discussion one cold spring day around whether to try a greenhouse or square foot gardening, and how to go about clearing some of our bush to accommodate these…led to an initial group of four egg-laying hens…which led to more hens, a rooster (and of course subsequent chicks), pot-bellied pigs, and even a rabbit…..  For a family that up until recently had almost always bought their groeries at the local grocery store, and enjoyed many meals in many restaurants…things were about to change for the better.

Some of the topics that I plan to address will be livestock and small farm options, Northern climate gardening issues, preparing for the unexpected, and eventually alternative energy option and ideas.  Along the way I will review various books, DVDs, tools, and equipment that we have used or experienced.  I may also bring in other bloggers and guests, in an effort to share all that we have learned and are continuing to learn.

So, I hope that you will subscribe to this blog, and that you will enjoy what we share.  I look forward to interacting with you through comments, and to bringing you along on our homesteading adventures.

Talk soon!



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Welcome to the blogosphere! I look forward to hearing about your homesteading adventures!

Comment by Sharon

Thanks Sharon!

Comment by jasondblogger

Awesome start Hun!!!.. Love this.. We have so much to share with everyone!.. Our baby chickies are growing like crazy and sooo cute!.. Keeping the kitties out of the coop has only just become a concern so we shall see what plays out, and my sweet Potbelly Petunia will love that she is now famous!.. Lmao!

Comment by Tanya

Thanks! Definitely couldn’t do it without you and all o your hard work with the animals!

Comment by northernhomesteader

I have started a similar thing here in Ohio. Your blog is light years ahead of me, as my 60 hours a week job cuts into my time. I am enjoying seeing what others have to day and to see other’s experiences.


Comment by finkfarm

Thanks Jeff,

Your blog is pretty darn good as well! Looking forward to following your experiences in Ohio.

Comment by northernhomesteader

Good luck in your adventures. I look forward to following them!

Comment by Bridget Foy


Comment by northernhomesteader

Hey! Looking good! At first when I saw those chickens lined up in the trench I thought they were dead! I assume they are all just having a lovely dust bath together?

Thanks for your comments on our blog and glad to be an inspiration!

Michelle & Cam

Comment by aztextpress

Thank you Michelle and Cam!

Not to worry, those hens are very much alive. You are right though…they do look like they are taking that final, permanent dust bath!


Comment by northernhomesteader

This is definitely an interesting blog! Your ideas and family sound wonderful! 🙂

Comment by SmallHouseBigGarden

So, I see the picture from the Wednesday 29 post, and I am thinking that it looks a lot like my area, then I read your comments regarding the snowfall over the week, and it too is much like my area.
Then I come to this post where you say your rough location, and I conclude we must be neibours.

Comment by Analog Man

Hello AnalogMan. Pretty good! We are close enough to that area that I know exactly what you’re talking about. Nicely done. Do you blog also?

Comment by northernhomesteader

Well sort of. I have the google search thing turned off , as its more of just a page to park data for some of the things I build, use my name plus ca.wordpress/ and you will find it.

Comment by Analog Man

I screwed that up

Comment by Analog Man

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